The 3 most expensive things bought by Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano Ronaldo is widely known as one of the greatest football players of all time, but his talents extend beyond the pitch. He has a keen eye for business and has amassed a fortune through his own companies and lucrative endorsements. Ronaldo's success has allowed him to indulge in his taste for luxury, and he has purchased some of the most expensive items in the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at the three most expensive things that Ronaldo has bought, including his mansion, yacht, and private plane. These items not only showcase his love for extravagance but also highlight his impressive financial acumen.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Business Skills

An American magazine specializing in financial affairs has announced that Cristiano Ronaldo may become the first soccer player to reach a billion-dollar fortune. While everyone knows about Ronaldo's famous football talent, few are aware of his ability to amass wealth and purchase the most expensive items of various colors, despite never having earned an undergraduate degree or attending college.

Cristiano Ronaldo's skill in running a business, making money through his own companies, and attracting the attention of advertising companies is no less than his skill on the football field.

Ronaldo's Most Expensive Mansion

The most expensive mansion bought by Cristiano Ronaldo is located in the city of Cascais, in the southwest of Portugal, one of the most prestigious residential areas in the country. It spans over 2,720 square meters and is the most expensive of its kind in Portugal, with a price tag of $21 million.

Initially, Ronaldo purchased the villa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean for $11 million, but he wanted to add some improvements and restoration to the villa, so he paid another $10 million to a construction company to restore and improve the villa as he wanted. The palace is three floors with a large swimming pool as well as gardens that surround the palace.

Ronaldo's Most Expensive Yacht

To own a yacht like Cristiano Ronaldo is not easy, even if you are rich. Ronaldo acquired a yacht bearing the name Azimut Grande, which cost him $7 million.

Before Ronaldo bought his own yacht, Azimut Grande, he rented the Africa1 yacht for $220,000 for one week only. Then, he decided to have a private yacht, so he bought the Azimut Grande yacht, which is 27 meters long and contains six bathrooms, five rooms, a large hall, a relaxation area, a kitchen, a dining room, a recreation room, and large windows that provide beautiful panoramic views.

Ronaldo's Most Expensive Plane

A person like Cristiano Ronaldo needs to travel regularly from his homeland in Portugal to his club in Italy. Due to his fame and his need for a more comfortable and private way, he had to buy his rare Gulfstream G200 aircraft, which is one of only 250 aircraft in the world. With a top speed of 560 mph, it can accommodate ten passengers while providing the highest possible comforts.

The Gulfstream G200 is undoubtedly one of the most expensive things that Ronaldo bought, as its value is estimated at $20 million. However, Ronaldo decided to put this plane up for sale because he wanted to buy another more expensive and luxurious one.