What do people think about Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a controversial figure, and people's opinions about him vary greatly. Some see him as a successful entrepreneur and marketing guru, while others view him as a dangerous influence due to his controversial opinions on women, depression, and other topics.

What do women think about Andrew Tate?

Unfortunately, Andrew Tate did not earn the respect of women due to his controversial opinions about them. He is known for underestimating women and advocating for men to control them. Many women view him as a bald freak and a sex dealer who needs to learn how to respect women. Some speculate that his views may stem from a troubled relationship with his mother or a broken heart.

What do guys think about Andrew Tate?

Men's opinions about Andrew Tate are generally less harsh than women's opinions. Some men agree with some of his views and differ with others, while some hold hatred towards him, particularly those who identify as gay due to his views on homosexuality. There is also a group of men who agree with all of his opinions and view him as a good teacher in life.

What do Muslims think about Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate had previously spoken positively about Islam and Muslims even before his conversion to the religion. However, not all Muslims agree on his views and ideas, some of which contradict Islamic beliefs. Some Muslims feel proud that Andrew Tate, a popular online figure, speaks positively about Islam. 

What do Muslims think about Andrew Tate afterhis conversion to Islam?

Andrew Tate's conversion to Islam was impressive for many Muslims, particularly those who had hoped for it. Some Muslims believe that his conversion will improve the image of Islam and Muslims, while others fear that he may give the religion a bad reputation due to his controversial past. However, most Muslims believe that once a person converts to Islam, it marks a new life for them, and people should forget about their past mistakes.


Andrew Tate remains a controversial figure with varying opinions about him. While some appreciate his success in business and marketing, others criticize his views on women, depression, and other topics. His recent conversion to Islam has also sparked discussion and debate among Muslims. Regardless of people's opinions, it is important to approach controversial figures like Andrew Tate with caution and sensitivity, while also keeping an open mind to new ideas and perspectives.